Cabify essentials

  • What is Cabify?

    Cabify is your private driver with a different car (sedan, executive car, van, taxi, ...) for each occasion. You can order in real time or to book in advance by mobile apps (iPhone and Android), any smartphone ( or web at

  • What´s the diference between Cabify and a taxi?

    Cabify allows you to order a vehicle with a driver in just two clicks. Our vehicles are modern and our drivers are carefully selected to provide you with a premium service. The final rate is calculated based on the distance of the optimal route between the pick-up point and destination, no matter the route taken by the driver or the traffic conditions.

  • What does fixed price from point to point mean?

    This means that our system calculates the best route between your pick up point and your drop off, and you pay for the distance of this route. Next time you make the same journey you´ll pay the same. No matter the weather or traffic conditions. You can enjoy your journey without worrying about any change in cost.

  • Can I book in advance?

    Yes, you can book a Cabify in advance. You can select date and time from the apps or the web and your driver will be there waiting for you.

  • How can I pay a Cabify?

    We only accept payments by credit card or paypal. You should add your payment method on the web or the apps and we'll charge you at the end of the journey.

    We do not accept payments in cash.

  • Do I have to tip my driver?

    No, tips are included in the price.

  • Are there any surcharges?

    Great news, the answer is NO. In our rates you won't find any initial fare, airport pick-up, luggage, night fare or any other additional charges.

  • What are the Cabify rates?

    Please, check out the rates for your city. Also, there are some example journeys so you can estimate the price of your journey.

  • Is Cabify safe?

    Of course! Our vehicles are brand new, our drivers have all the necessary licenses and insurance and your journey is geolocated and tracked on the web or in our app. You can even share your journey details including driver, vehicle and plate number to family and friends so they know where you are at all times.

  • What cities does Cabify operate?

    Cabify operates in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, A Coruña, Malaga, Tenerife, Bilbao and Vitoria (Spain), Mexico D.F. (Mexico), Lima (Peru) and Santiago (Chile). More cities to follow soon!

  • When can I order a Cabify?

    You can order a Cabify in any city we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Who are the drivers?

    Our drivers are professionals with all required permits and insurance in each city. All have been carefully selected to ensure you receive an excellent service.